Zhang Zhongqiu: Staff and workers of veterinary system must go deep into the grassroots to implement animal disease prevention a

From August 31st to September 3rd, Zhang Zhongqiu, Director of the Department of Veterinary of the Ministry of Agriculture, went to the grassroots contact point – Dacai Community in Fangzi Township,

From August 31st to September 3rd, Zhang Zhongqiu, Director of the Department of Veterinary of the Ministry of Agriculture, went to the grassroots contact point – Dacai Community in Fangzi Township, Pingyuan County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province to publicize the policy of investing in agriculture and strengthening agriculture, investigating agriculture The situation of rural economic development, understanding of the production and living conditions of farmers, donating disease-prevention materials, and training on epidemic prevention. Zhang Zhongqiu stressed that conducting research on grassroots contact points is an important deployment of the Party Group of the Ministry of Agriculture. It is also the implementation of the 24-point prevention and control policy on animal diseases identified by the Central Government and the implementation of the “two ways to do everything, two efforts to ensure the work” determined by the party group of the Ministry of Agriculture. With regard to the important measures of the target, cadres and staff of the veterinary system must go deep into the grassroots and implement animal disease prevention and control policies to the source of the breeding.


In the early autumn, the plains are full of vitality and give birth to hope of harvest. Zhang Zhongqiu and his entourage arrived in Plain County and immediately rushed to the field for investigation and visited 20 households. “How many chickens are raised by the fellow villagers?” “How old does the old man and the stick (corn) get?” “Is my old lady getting pension insurance?” in the field, in the farmyard, face-to-face with the villagers, pulling hand in hand. Homely, understand the production situation, calculate how much income, publicize the central policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting agriculture, and explore ways to expand production and improve life. “Now the days are better, that is to eat stone can also be given away.” Fan Yuxiang, 63 years old, was happy to make a look. Under the leadership of Cai Futao, Secretary of the Dacai Community Branch, Fan A Niang and her husband began to raise laying hens in 2007. There are now 6,000 laying hens with an annual income of over RMB 120,000. In 1982, Cai Futao relied on 1,000 yuan to develop chickens to form a complete industrial chain of breeding chickens, hatching, brooding, organic farming, food processing, and feed. He established Dacai Animal Husbandry Group and achieved an annual production value of 450 million yuan. Through the "company + base + farmers" development of more than 120 large breeding households, breeding workers 36, accounting for 26.6% of the total number of community farmers, to adopt the "five unified" "three buy" model, the average annual household income of more than 30,000 yuan. “Now the policy is good and the price is good. This year it will earn more than 300,000 yuan. Next year, you will also want to raise more chickens.” Wu Deshun, the villager, could not help but feel happy. "The big river has water, the small river is full; the small river has no water, and the big river is dry." Fan Aniang concluded the model of "company + base + farmer". Fan Aniang and her husband also planted 8 acres of land crops. “Our ancestors have planted land for generations. This is our root.” Fan Ani Niang said: Now that the policy is good, the land is not taxed, and money is provided, the county specializes in organization. Mechanized sowing, harvesting, fertilizing, spraying drugs, pouring land services, planting crops of wheat and corn in two seasons, will also live for more than 10 days in the ground in 1 year. “Light Province” can earn more than 10,000 yuan in 1 year and 8 acres of land. Although chickens make more money, they are reluctant to leave farming.


The prevention and control of animal diseases and the safety supervision of animal products is one of the focuses of Zhang Zhongqiu. Plain County Wufeng Breeding Co., Ltd. currently has 1200 sow bases and 20,000 slaughter pigs annually. "Miao did not fight, there is no diarrhea," Zhang Zhongqiu is very concerned about the prevention and control of major animal epidemics such as foot-and-mouth disease and piglets diarrhea and other common diseases prevention and control situation. “The county has organized a professional epidemic prevention team, a veterinary station in the village, a veterinary clinic in the village, a serious illness and human quarantine prevention, and some people with minor illnesses have seen it. We have kept the temperature under control and the disinfection has been done well. We haven’t been sick.” Said. With a population of 460,000 in Pingyuan County, there are 19 million poultry, 135,000 cattle, and 640,000 pigs. The output value of animal husbandry is 1.4 billion yuan, accounting for 43% of the agricultural output value. The per capita net income of farmers is 2,500 yuan. The plain county party committee and county government put forward the concept of “focusing on prevention and control is development”, earnestly strengthened the prevention and control of animal epidemics and the safety supervision of animal products, earnestly fulfilled the requirements of the State Council on the reform of the veterinary management system, and improved the grass-roots animal epidemic prevention system, establishing 13 The township animal husbandry and veterinary stations shall be under the unified management of the County Livestock Husbandry Bureau; the village medical and veterinary clinics shall be established with the help of the clinics; the staff who have been engaged in epidemic prevention for a long time shall voluntarily establish professional epidemic prevention teams, serve the society, implement performance pay, and strengthen the management of the veterinary department to ensure immunity. The effective implementation of the work. The county veterinary department insisted on strengthening the prevention and control of epidemic prevention policies and prevention of epidemic prevention, and continuously improved the farmers' awareness of prevention of disease, active prevention of disease, safe use of medicines, and self-protection. The pastoral green broiler chicken breeding base and other farming areas in Pingyuan County implemented the “same-day-old-in-residence, all-in-all-out” model and formulated strict biosecurity measures to reduce the risk of epidemics.

From August 31st